Pitchford Farms, buy premium quality South Australian BEEF

Purely grass fed beef.     Straight from the farmer.
No added Hormones. 
 Antibiotic free.



Buy premium, quality, grass fed South Australian BEEF direct from the farm. Choose from 4 packs below. Buy online and get FREE delivery (within SA*).


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All packs include a variety of meat cuts and are pre-packed into two portion servings. Vacuum packed meat can stay FRESH in your fridge for up to 3 weeks. Meat is delivered on Thursdays within 1-3 weeks of order. Expect an email to confirm your delivery day and time. All meat is dry-aged for 21 days to enhance natural flavour and tenderness. * FREE delivery within 30 km of Adelaide CBD, Mount Barker and Goolwa. You have the option to personalise your order when you select a side or whole beef by calling 0409 754 298.    



VALUE PACK (10 kg)

Meat vacuum packed into portions for two

380g Fillet or Scotch Fillet Steak

2 x 400g Porterhouse Steak

570g Rump Steak

580g Round Steak

1.1kg Topside or Bolar Roast

2 x 415g Schnitzel

3 x 400g Diced Steak

4 x 600g Mince

2 x 620g Sausages

900g Osso Bucco or Soup Bones

QUARTER (30 kg)

Meat vacuum packed into portions for two

380g Fillet Steak

2 x 380g Scotch Fillet Steak

6 x 400g Porterhouse Steak

3 x 570g Rump Steak

3 x 580g Round Steak

2 x 1.1kg Topside Roast

1 x 1.1kg Bolar Roast

6 x 415g Schnitzel

9 x 400g Diced Steak

12 x 600g Mince

6 x 620g Sausages

3 x 900g Osso Bucco or Soup Bones


Meat vacuum packed into portions for two

2 x 380g Fillet Steak

4 x 380g Scotch Fillet Steak

12 x 400g Porterhouse Steak

6 x 570g Rump Steak

6 x 580g Round Steak

4 x 1.1kg Topside Roast

2 x 1kg Bolar Roast

12 x 415g Schnitzel

18 x 400g Diced Steak

24 x 600g Mince

12 x 620g Sausages

6 x 900g Osso Bucco or Soup Bones

WHOLE (120 KG)

Meat vacuum packed into portions for two

4 x 380g Fillet Steak

8 x 380g Scotch Fillet Steak

24 x 400g Porterhouse Steak

12 x 570g Rump Steak

12 x 580g Round Steak

8 x 1.1kg Topside Roast

4 x 1kg Bolar Roast

24 x 400g Schnitzel

36 x 400g Diced Steak

48 x 600g Mince

24 x 620g Sausages

12 x 900g Osso Bucco or Soup Bones

NOTE: Meat weights are approximate. Meat cuts are vacuum packed. Sausages, Osso Bucco and Soup Bones are packed in freezer bags. Mince is preservative free. Sausages are gluten free. All packs are delivered in insulated foam eskies.

Would you like to know more about the different beef cuts? 
Check out the Meat Cuts App


About Pitchford Farms... our family to your family. Great people, great meat. Buy pure grass fed beef.  Born and bred on Pitchford Farms.

Glenn & Narelle reside in the lovely Adelaide Hills. They come from a long line of farmers passionate about providing quality produce. Glenn, an entrepreneur, has loved farming since a young boy and has followed his dream against all odds and droughts. Narelle has a big heart for looking after her family and her calves!

Pitchford Farms provides a premium, quality product accessible to all those wanting to enhance their own dining experience. Buy beef.

Glenn and Narelle Pitchford want to share genuine, honest country living with you. They want you to experience natural, grass-fed beef direct from the farmer. They have worked alongside their local butcher in Hahndorf, Max Noske & Son to produce a top quality product. Enjoy the pleasure of a full freezer with abundant choices of meals to cook. Become your own master chef as you experiment cooking a full variety of choice meat cuts.

"Our cattle have been bred and handled to have calm temperaments producing tender, succulent meat. We care about the well-being of our animals and have enjoyed watching them grow since their birth. We want to share with you the optimum dining experience by providing naturally antibiotic free, no added hormones and purely grass fed beef (for their entire life - not just the last 4 weeks!). We also want to give you the opportunity to support your local SA farmer."

How to cook a perfect steak. Buy beef.

Allow your steak to reach room temperature before cooking. Cook on a hot surface with a small amount of oil rubbed into your steak.  Add your favourite seasoning. Cook a 2cm-thick piece of steak for 2-3 minutes each side for rare, 4 minutes each side for medium, and 5-6 minutes each side for well-done. Turn your steak when the underside has formed a dark brown caramelised crust.  Resist your urge to poke, prod and flip your steak silly, as this can damage the meat fibres and allow precious moisture to escape.  Tongs are your perfect tool!  After cooking, let the steak rest for 10 minutes before serving or slicing.

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Purely grass fed meat ... straight from the farmer.

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